Bronze Friendship Cuff - Ashley

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"Weaving string and yarn into wearable keepsakes for me and my best friends was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. You could say it was the tiny seed of jewelry-making that became MIMOSA. All the patterns, colors, and styles are perfect for creating endless combinations on long, lazy summer days.

This summer felt like a milestone of making memories come full circle. My daughter came home with her first friendship bracelet and a burning desire for a box full of embroidery thread like my grandmother gave me at her age.

We started knotting bracelets for each other, family, and friends. We learned new patterns, styles, and techniques.

Somewhere in there, I remembered that first feeling of creating something from little. The sense of satisfaction from working with your hands, creating something special, and sharing it with the world. I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.

I hope this collection reminds you of your earliest years of creativity when the goal was making and having fun.

This collection was created for you, for your friends, new and old, and for the forever desire to “tie” ourselves together with wearable keepsakes.

This cuff is named "Ashley" after Madeline's cousin. The “Ashley” was made by taking a “boondoggle keychain” mold from narrow, flat plastic lace braided in a box weave."

The SMALL cuff fits up to a 6.75" wrist.

Made by hand in south Louisiana.
Each piece varies slightly due to its handmade nature.

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